Janry's Party of the Month!

     Here at Janry Pet Resort, there's nothing we can think of that's more fun than having a Howling good party!  Some people may think we're a little "goofy", but nothing is more satisfying than seeing our party goers enjoy gourmet treats (like Burgers on Memorial Day), special play times, seasonal toys, and more!  The photos we have from previous years show the joy and delight in our guests eyes!  We love to return them to their mom's and dad's with goodies and memories that they can dream of as soon as they get home.

     You can use the form below to sign up for a party. 

     Whether your pet is enjoying our Dog Daycare or our Lodging facilities, we look forward to enjoying some special celebrations with them! 


Party Sign Up

Christmas Party @ Janry



Monster Mash @ Janry