Daycare Testimonials

Jane Molnar, Nikko

"Janry is Nikko's favorite place to go and play with all her friends. She gets so excited every morning when I tell her it's time to leave for Janry and go to daycare. Thank you for loving our girl!"

Maryann Santino

If Diesel could talk he would have said he had the best Valentine's Day at Janry!!! Loved the picture and goodie bag!! Today he is exhausted curled in a ball fast asleep! Thank you for all the love you give him! He will be back soon!!

Sue Lawson Tyson

Maxx and Lacie were so excited this morning when they realized where they were soon as we get off 78 they know! Can hardly wait to see pics of them running and playing together! THANKS ALL!

Margaret Dougherty Tolleyo

Spike had such a great time!! Thank you Janry for making this his best Valentine's Day ever! So happy to see he is making so many friends :)


Darlene Mundy, Macie

"We take our yellow lab, Macie, to Janry Pet Resort and she absolutely loves it. From the first day we took a tour of the facility and met with the staff, I felt very comfortable leaving my dog in such good hands. I'm very picky on who takes care of my dog and they do such a wonderful job there. Macie comes home with a smile on her face. She sleeps well from all the playtime and exercise she had at Janry. She has made many new friends and hopes to make many more. I highly recommend Janry for their Daycare/Lodging and all their services."