Dog Training

If your dog is not coming to you,
then you should be coming to us!



Basic Obediance 

This 6 week course is designed to introduce basic obedience skills to your dog. Your dog will become a happy and well-mannered companion by learning and executing moves such as heel, sit, stay, down, stand, watch me, and more. You will be taught to effectively communicate with your dog. Learning will be stimulating and rewarding for both dog and owner. First class is a 1 hour orientation for owners without their canine buddies.The price is $200 a dog.


Rescue Groups

Any 501(c)3 groups are eligibe for one free Basic 1 Class. If you feel you have a dog that can benefit from a free class please give us a call at 908-479-6132. 


Lifer Program

  • Basic 1 for life.
  • $250.00 plus tax.
  • This entitles you to basic 1 obiedience for the life of the dog. 


Learn and Play

  • 1/2 hour training session during your pups daycare stay.  During your pups down time in between play sessions, our trainer will help your dog work on anything from basic obedience, to getting ready to take a therapy test, to getting over fear anxiety.
  • In order to have an effective training session, we prefer to schedule two Learn and Plays a week...usually after 5 sessions we then can schedule a private lesson with you so you can learn all the wonderful new things your dog now knows!


Lodge and Learn

Packages available for stays of 5 days or more. The price is $125.00 per day. 

 All Lodge-n-Learns include:

  • 1/2 hour session prior to the lodging stay where you will have the opportunity to speak to the trainer about any concerns or issues that you would like them to work on with your dog
  • Three 20 minute training sessions per day
  • Two play sessions per day
  • 1 hour session at the conclusion of the lodging stay for the trainer to teach the owner the skills that the pup has learned while it has stayed with us if you purchase 5 Lodge and Learn days during your stay.


Private Lessons

  • Learn in a one on one setting with you, your dog and our trainer to review any type issues or training you are interested in
  • Either in home ($100/hr plus travel expenses) or at our site ($70/session)
  • These can be scheduled any day expect Friday or Saturday up until 2pm




*All Prices Do Not Include Tax*


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