Dog Boarding Activities

Whether you have a senior pet or a puppy, we have activities to suit them all.  Unlike many other resorts, we also welcome pets who prefer people-only play time!  After all that’s why we enjoy our work! 

Dog Walk on Nature TrailNature Walks or Playtimes

Your pet will let us know what it likes to do.  Some like to burn high energy with their friends in the play yard and others like people-only time in the yard with a Frisbee toss.  Still other pets like to stroll on the Nature Trail and maybe stop to cuddle on the swings or park benches.
Small Dog Playtime

Extra Business Walk

These are shorter walks of about 5 minutes; just enough time to do their “business”.

Gourmet TreatSample Gourmet Treat

Our treats can vary here at Janry, but rest assured, our owners spent some time in the restaurant business and they are always cooking up tasty treats!  Here are few examples of our offerings:

  • Chicken Pops – Frozen Chicken Broth Popsicles loaded with chunks of boneless chicken breast

  • Comfort Treat – Mashed potatoes and roast beef, chicken or lamb married together and served on an ice cream cone.

  • Peanut Butter slathered biscuit served in a wafer bowl

  • (Substitutions can always be made if there are dietary restrictions)

Full Body Massage

Yes, it’s just what it sounds like!  Whether your dog is a lover of the belly rub or scratches behind the ear; no dog can resist the loving hands of our staff!

Bedding Upgrade

No one sleeps on the floor here at Janry.  Every area has a raised bed, called a Kuranda Bed.  The upgraded bedding guests are offered a nice fleecy cover to snuggle in and linens are changed daily. 

Cuddle Time and Tuck In Service

Most owners’ and their pets’ have a night time routine.  We like to continue that for your pet.  Extra time is dedicated at the end of the day making your pet relaxed and comfortable.  A snuggle, or belly rub before bed and maybe a small cookie will send them off to dreamland.

“Paw-some” Activity Packages as low as $15/day

We've bundled our activities to save you the heartache of having to choose (and we’ve also discounted them for being such a good pet parent)!

Platinum Package

  • 4 Nature Walks or Playtimes
  • 1 Extra Business Walk
  • 1 Gourmet Treat
  • a full body massageFun Activity while boarding
  • a bedding upgrade
  • email photo and update
  • tuck in service at bedtime

Golden Paw Print Package

  • 3 Nature Walks or Group/Individual Playtimes,
  • 1 extra business walk,
  • 1 Gourmet Treat,
  • a full body massage,
  • a bedding upgrade
  • and a story time and tuck in at bedtime.

Silver Collar Package

  • 2 Nature Walks or Group/Individual Playtimes,
  • 1 extra Business Walk,
  • 1 Gourmet Treat
  • and a bedding upgrade.

Bronze Bone Package

  • 1 Nature Walk or Group/Individual Playtime,
  • 1 extra Business Walk
  • and a Gourmet Treat 

Shady Nature Trail Dog Walk