Grooming Testimonials


Susan Graham, Murphy

Janry is wonderful! From day 1 it was a great experience. Murphy gets so excited and LOVES to go to Janry! I feel very confident that when I go away he will be loving his own doggie hotel. Its so refreshing that the staff knows my dog, he has made puppy friends in daycare and loves his spa days in grooming. I have become the big mommy mush that I never thought I would be and I am sooo thankful that I have Janry.

Heather Turco

Thank you so much for deskunking my dogs and taking them for me. Everyone was wonderful and helpful. I really appreciated the help!

Beth Shupp

"Sig" wants to thank everyone @ Janry for taking great care of him during his stay....especially since his "Bubble Bath", he looks & feels like a "Show Dog!!!

Jody Szakos Allen

Just had my corgi thumper groomed here today. What a beautiful place and great job!

Sue Lawson Tyson

Lacie and Maxx sure enjoyed their long weekend at tired last night...but so clean, soft and smelled so so good!! Thanks to all!

Geri Kolb

Thank you so much again. Roxy had an amazing time and you guys really go above and beyond for the fur babies and the owners. You made my trip so enjoyable just by giving me some peace of mind. I will be bringing Roxy back the next time we go anywhere and will continue to shout your praises!!! By the way, her nails look fantastic and she smells so good and is so soft! Your entire staff is amazing!!! Thank you again.