Frequently Asked Grooming Questions

Q:  How long will my pet's grooming take.

A: The grooming process typically takes a few hours to fully prepare, wash, dry and groom your dog (depending on coat, condition and disposition).  Upon check-in, we can give you an approximate time your dog will be ready for pick up and we always call you when he/she is completed.    

However, there are things you can do to help us complete all of our guests in a timely manner:

Tell the reservationist if you have certain time constraints in advance

Get your pet groomed regularly so extra time isn't necessary to comb out matts and tangles while keeping your pet as comfortable as possible

Make sure your pet is up to date with vaccinations BEFORE you arrive for your appointment

Q:  Can I stay and wait for my pet to be groomed?

A:  Typically that is not something we recommend.   Most dogs, like children, are less fidgety when mommy or daddy isn't around.  We want your pet to have a great experience with us and look forward to coming for grooming.  In addition, we always call as soon as your dog is finished and we can recommend lots of shopping and restaurants in the area.

Q: Can you groom my large breed dog?

A:  Of course!  We have state of the art equipment, hydraulic grooming tables and ramps to tubs that make every dog's grooming experience a positive one.

Q:  My dog is matted, but I want to keep his/her coat long.  Can you do that?

A:  That is something that would have to be determined at check in.  The groomer will be happy to discuss your preferences and then examine the dog to see if that is something she can do while keeping your pet comfortable.  Sometimes it is necessary to shave part or all of the dog for their comfort, health & safety.  Then you can set up regular grooming appointments to achieve the longer, healthy coat you're hoping for.

Q:  Do you use tranquilizers for anxious or aggressive dogs?

A:  We do not administer tranquilizers.  We give loving, tender care to every client that passes through our door, even if they may not be in the grooming mood!   We appreciate your honesty in letting us know before your first visit if your pet has been known to get grumpy for grooming.

If your pet does need tranquilizers, this must be done through your veterinarian and we will strategically time his/her appointment to complete the service.

Q:  Is it customary to tip a groomer?

A:  If you are pleased with your pets' grooming, a tip is certainly appreciated by our grooming staff!

Q: How old does my puppy have to be before bringing it to grooming?

A:  It's never too early!  Even if they just come in and get a brushing, getting them accustomed to the environment, building trust with the grooming staff are all great ways to start out a positive experience for your puppy.