Feline Boarding Activities

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Cuddle Time

Many cats LOVE and crave this one on one attention.  Our caregivers enjoy time snuggling with our feline guests.  Our reservationists often hear the purring from another room!

Individual Tailored Playtime

Cats are independent creatures.  So we’re equipped with all kinds of toys and kitty fun (jingle balls, teaser tails, etc).                                                                

Gourmet Treat called “Sitting on the Ritz”

A Ritz Cracker serves up delicious Crabmeat, Shrimp, Salmon, or Tuna.  This is served 2 times per day.

Full Body Massage

It’s just what it sounds like.  From whiskers to the tip of the tail; every pampered feline needs to enjoy one!

Laser Show with Catnip

This is ideal for the very active cat to burn some of that energy.

Tuck-In Service

Quiet time spent with your feline getting ready for bed.  Relaxation is the key to getting a good night’s rest (and a small treat can’t hurt either!).


“Paw-some” Activity Packages

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We’ve created some activity packages starting at $25 to save you the headache of having to choose (and we’ve also discounted them for being such a good pet parent)!

Platinum Purr Package

  • 1 Individual Tailored Playtimes
  • 1 Kitty Walk
  • 2 Gourmet Treats
  • 1 Full Body Massage
  • 1 Bedding Upgrade
  • 1 Personal DVD Viewer
  • 1 Cuddle Time and Tuck-In Service

Custom Kitty

Choose any 1, 2 or 3 activities from the above list per day for a totally customized day of play starting at $8 for your feline friend.