Cat Boarding at Janry Pet Resort

Being that “extravagant luxury slice-of-heaven home-away-from-home” doesn’t roll off the tongue very well, “cat boarding” is the ordinary term we’ll use for ease. However, please know that your cat will enjoy extraordinary care while here with us at Janry Pet Resort.

If you had to choose one thing that cats do better than any other creature, all cat lovers know that one thing is…

…making themselves comfortable.

"Cats are connoisseurs of comfort." - James Herriot

With this in mind, please know that your cat will find more than the necessary means to execute his or her talent to an optimal level.

Your cat will be welcomed into their 48 square foot custom hand-crafted solid oak suite - with three levels – furnished with four-poster beds containing a memory foam mattress that any self-respecting (i.e. self-adoring) feline would fantasize over. Luxury cat boarding at Janry Pet Resort

When not busy sunbathing or squeezing their eyes closed in satisfaction, they will be treated to an array of customized activities and treats. Or they can choose to relax and watch TV on their own personal DVD player.

Not only will they get to experience the American pastime of watching television, but the American pastime of eating as well. You can request that your kitty be treated to “Sitting on the Ritz” crabmeat, shrimp, salmon or tuna gourmet treats two times daily.

Be sure to ask about full-body massages, extra special cuddle time and our very popular tuck-in services. Click here to learn more about these paw-some specials and purr-fectly groomed cat boarding activity packages.


"The staff at Janry's ears must be ringing because I can't tell enough of my friends what a wonderful experience my two cats had staying with them. I could tell they thoroughly enjoyed their kitty cuddles and special treats we signed them up for, because they demanded them at home too! One of my cats normally would not allow us to give a nice belly rub, but ever since their Janry stay they've learned how much fun belly rubs can be! We've since added another kitty to our family and look forward to the next stay when the 3 of them can enjoy their luxury kitty condo at the Pet Resort."

Kitty Cuddle with cat boardingBarbara H., Stewartsville, NJ

In addition, we are happy to tailor custom playtime activities that will bring back memories of the days of playful kitten-hood. For an extra special treat, ask us about our famous laser shows with catnip.

At Janry, your cat’s experience will have an appropriate combination of relaxing and stimulating activities that will satisfy the most discriminating tastes.

And you can rest assured that your beloved pet is in a safe, secure and loving environment while you are away. With resident on-site owners of over 30 years and a skilled, loving and attentive staff of cat-lovers, Janry Pet Resort is the place where your cat will receive the care and attention that you can’t give long-distance.

Book your reservations today! Click here to make cat boarding reservations online or give us a call at 908-479-6132.