Lodging Your Birds, Rodents and Reptiles

Janry Loves All Creatures, Great and Small, Feathered or Furry


lodging birds

Bird Lodging

We welcome your birds to reside in a climate controlled aviary, the home to my personal birds. They will enjoy constant stimulation and lively chit chat with Jenny, our very amusing 24-year old African Grey and Hattie who is 73 years young and referred to as "Mother Superior." All our birds are fed daily buffet of fresh fruits and vegetables along with their regular bird mix.


Rodent and Reptile Boarding

All pets are welcome here at Janry and bunnies have the option to stay in our nursery. For rodents and reptiles, we request that you bring your own housing, although we can accommodate your pet if that is not possible. Call today! 908-479-6132