About Janry Pet Resort

Dedicated to the safety, care and comfort of your pets for over thirty years, Janry Pet Resort is so much more than most other traditional dog kennels.

“Janry Pet Resort is wonderful! From day one it was a great experience. My dog, Murphy, gets so excited and LOVES to go to Janry. I feel very confident that when I go away he will be loving his own doggie hotel. It’s so refreshing that the staff knows my dog, he has made puppy friends in daycare and loves his spa days in grooming. I have become the big mommy mush that I never thought I would be and I am sooo thankful that I have Janry Pet Resort.” 

Susan G., Stewartsville, NJ

About Janry’s Pet Resort Facility:Lush gardens in Stewartsville NJ

  • 5 ½ acres of securely fenced and meticulously manicured grounds for your pet to run, romp, play or just lounge around in the sun. There is something for every pet here. Your pet’s experience will be customized to suit your needs.
  • Multiple levels of safety-enhanced gates and doors installed in both indoor and outdoor pet areas.
  • Shade trees, misting fans, and a very large covered patio are provided in the outdoor day care area.
  • Indoor areas have lovely natural lighting and are climate controlled with heating and air-conditioning to ensure your pet’s comfort in all seasons.
  • Several separately divided indoor areas to help keep quiet areas quiet so pets feel calm and relaxed.Janry Luxury Pet Resort
  • In-the-Lap-of-Luxury Dog Suites are available with imported Italian porcelain tile and furnished with plush Kuranda beds. Click here to learn more about our dog boarding.
  • Feline Fantasy Suites have 48 square feet of pawesomeness with custom-crafted oak furnishings, giant picture windows, 4-poster beds with memory foam mattresses, plenty of space to play and lots of cozy napping areas. Click here to learn more about our cat boarding.
  • Small “cool-off” pools and special “Splash-n-Dash” play sessions with sprinklers in the grassy yard.
  • Lots of balls, Frisbees and an agility course with state-of-the-art playground equipment for dogs to play on, in, under and around. Click here to learn more about Doggy Day Care Services.Dogs from Stewartsville to Lehigh Valley come here to have fun!       Luxury Cat Boarding in Stewartsville NJ
  • Full Service Pet Spa ranging from a fun bubble bath (so your fur baby will be clean and ready to jump into the sheets with you tonight) to professional grooming by one of our master groomers. Of course, we can take care of nail trims and ear cleaning, too. Click here to learn more about our Pet Spa, Pet Massage and Grooming Services.
  • Back-up generators, fire alarms and other safety monitoring equipment.
  • Veterinarian on-call 24/7.

About Janry’s Pet Resort Staff:

  • On-site resident owners of 36+ years with professional breeding, dog handling and a true passion for overall pet care.
  • Loving, dedicated, trained and certified staff.
  • Professional Master Groomers dedicated to superior quality and service.
  • Drive-up concierge service. Ring the button when you arrive and a pet resort staff member will come to your vehicle to lend a hand.
  • We offer private daycare for dogs that prefer the company of people and group day care for dog-friendly dogs.

You are welcome to visit us 7 days a week. Pet resort golf cart tours are available at your convenience for you and your pet. In the meanwhile, be sure to check out our Facebook Page and YouTube Channel for lots of pictures, action videos and more amazing testimonials from wonderful pet-parents just like you.